Thursday, August 7, 2014


My friend Kristen told me I had to get instagram once I got a cell phone, and look at me now.

It hasn't been as strange to have a cell phone as I thought it would be.  I still forget it about half the time so that worry that I would suddenly feel like I had a leash hasn't been a problem.

I also have no clue really how to use instagram, I just push buttons until it does something and sometimes the something it does is actually what I wanted it to do, so we're getting along quite nicely.

Here are the pictures I've posted to instagram this week. I am putting them on my blog because my sister wanted to see them, and I realize that this is a more permanent place to put them than instagram or facebook.

I realize looking through these that only one made it to facebook, and only a few to instagram, so new pictures for everyone! You're welcome!!

 Sometimes when Devin is in charge of Hazel, I will come and find her like this.

And then, when my girls see that I am taking a picture, they have to jump in, like this.

In real life, it looks exactly like this:

 ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

 Then there's Heather. She's my little buddy, my little pal, my little friend.

 One morning I came downstairs and saw this pony stuck to my fridge.  I began to panic because my girls are addicted to glue sticks and I made some assumptions.  Hanna jumped over to tell me that it was just a magnet in the pony's paw. Phew.

And then there was Hazel.

Who, me?

Well yes, I am cute, thanks.

Sometimes they try to all fit on one chair and they do but then Heather gets squished so she moves but then Hazel keeps kicking her. It's hard to be the Heather one. (her words, not mine.)

Teething? I'm not sure, but I've been hanging out until midnight every night with this face.  I grant you, there are worse faces to party with.

And good morning from two little girls in purple jammies with green frogs.


  1. Well I kid you not, these adorable Hazel pictures (they're all adorable, but especially these Hazel pictures) are making me itch to have my new baby come.

  2. Super cute! Thanks for sharing those pictures and letting us "spend" a week in your house with your sweet girls. Poor Heather!