Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Deseret News Marathon (and 5k!)

We had a family reunion with Devin's family in Salt Lake City in July so that we could participate in the Deseret News Classic Marathon (and 5k!!)

Here is photographic evidence that we participated in these events:

Devin ran the marathon.

 He is now training for a 50k ultramarathon in October.

Here I am, looking at my watch just as the gun goes off.  I know I look like I'm way in the back, but I ended up finishing 203rd place out of 316 runners, so somehow I put a little more than a hundred people behind me...  I finished 18th in my age group, but as my brother in law pointed out, for all I know there were only 18 people IN my age group. I'll go find out.  Looks like there were 26 people in my age group.

Honestly, I'm just happy I wasn't last in either category. 

I am currently "training" for a 5k in September.
It will be my third one in five months!
Am I runner yet or what?


  1. You ARE a runner! Devin is smiling. How can he run so many miles and smile?

  2. I'm with your mom on this one! You are DEFINITELY a runner, and really?? He is smiling? Craziness! I'm pretty sure I want to punch people when I run. So, ya out for that next month. Haha!

    Also, a 50K?? Who is Devin??

  3. I LOVE Devin's neck protector. Don't tell him this, but with his big smile and that big yellow thing, he's totally channeling a happy Donald Duck. I don't know why. Because Donald Duck wears a blue sailor hat or something, but it makes me think of Donald. Maybe it looks like a reverse duck bill. Anyway. I love how happy he looks.

    And you are so hot! Way to pass one hundred people. I'm bummed we didn't get to do our 5K together. :( Some day . . . Maybe in a faraway land. Ha. Are there any foreign marathons on Devin's bucket list? I should totally write a bucket list. I don't have one.

    You're totally a runner.

    And I love your cheerful shirt. I want one.

  4. OH YEAH. And you passed that many people at an altitude you are not used to!!!

  5. This makes me think of that studio c video about runners. Also, San Antonio has Lots of marathons, hint hint.