Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Stuff and Things

People ask me, "So, how's the story coming along?"

And I say, "Oh, it's coming!  I think it's... yeah, it's coming! It'll probably be great.  You know, we'll see, but it is coming along."

In fact, if you your very own lucky self would like to be involved in helping move the story along, you could help me by answering the following question.

Are you more afraid of physical pain, or emotional pain?

Your answer should be in one of the three following formats:

I am more afraid of physical pain.

I am more afraid of emotional pain.

Pain does not scare me at all.

And then, if you want really bonus extra points from me, you can tell me why you chose the response you did.

So!  Email, facebook, comment here on the blog, call me, send me a letter in the mail with a stamp on it, whatever you're into.

Except Twitter, because I still haven't figured that out yet.

And now, for some pictures of other things I have done, mostly in October when my mom was visiting.

 Canning tomatoes.  
Also canned in October: grape jelly, raspberry jam, apple raspberry jam, applesauce, strawberry jam

 I saw this on Pinterest and had to make some since the number one most aggravating thing in our house is that the girls always steal the kitchen towel, and the bathroom towel always ends up on the floor.  No more. 
They are now buttoned on, and while Hallie and Hanna CAN undo buttons, they just don't seem to want the towel as much when they have to work for it.  I think I made 8 of these, in just a couple hours.  A fast project makes me really happy.

I just wanted something to decorate our bathroom.
I had these random bits of scrap fabric that my mom gave me that she inherited from my Grandma Homer.  So, cut out a little blue bird, and zip zap zoop, the bathroom looks great. Well, I think so.

 The girls like to stand on "stage" and perform for us.

And this is the towel/apron that I made for my cousin Kate, if she likes it, for when her baby comes.   

A note just for Kate:  The towel is huge. When I am wearing it, it goes all the way to my ankles.  You'll never get wet with this thing on, and it could easily handle a baby up to 2 years old.  So, what do you think of the colors?  I'm not going to lie, I like it so much I sort of hope you'll say you want different colors, and it came together so fast I'd be happy to find colors you prefer.  But if you like it, I might still have enough of that fabric to just make myself another one.

Because please, I'm making one for myself too.  I am in love with it.

And, there is one more project that I made in October, but I don't have a picture of it yet, but I am most pleased with that project because I did it all by myself after my mom left, and I didn't even cut it in half. That's huge for me. Want to know what I made myself?

It's glitzy. It's glamorous.  It's gorgeous and glorious and just really great, you know?

A hospital gown.  Yes, so that I can feel pretty when the baby comes. Because, I don't know, this is my fourth baby and suddenly that seemed important?

You want pictures?


What kind of pain scares you the most?

Thanks, and thanks.


  1. I am more afraid of physical pain.

    I dont know why. I guess I just feel like I have already gone through some emotional pain in my life and I have learned to cope, or whatever. Physical pain...i just fold like a cheap suit. Yep. haha.

  2. bahahah, i love you.

    i am more afraid of physical pain. ew, i hate it. it's always bad. bad bad bad.

    but emotional pain? also bad, but i have dealt with more of it and ice cream makes it feel betterish. also, josh ritter wrote "i'd rather be the one who loves than to be loved and never even know" and my sister once told me, re: romance, "when in doubt, go for the hurt."

    even tho both go away. physical pain sounds worse because you just don't know how bad it's going to get. also, it is often really, really gross.

    i want to see this hospital gown now.

  3. I most fear physical pain when I think about something happening to me. (Labor, for example. Just kill me.) However, while in the moment, if emotional pain is severe enough, I fear that even more...for the same reason. (Just kill me.)

  4. I'm apparently going to be the weird one... emotional pain is far worse. I can and have endured a fair amount of both in my life but I'd far rather endure physical pain myself than endure the emotional pain of 1. watching someone I love endure physical pain 2. watching someone I love struggle with emotional pain 3. endure the lonely isolation of emotional pain that no one will understand exactly how I am feeling. I feel like though physical pain is horrible at least it is better understood by someone else (though I've never had an X my brain is pretty good at imagining how that would feel), while there is no way to truly understand what is going on in someone's head. For me it comes down to compassion, I've been blessed with a compassionate heart, and just the knowledge that someone else is capable of understanding goes a long way for me.

  5. Emotional pain. But I guess the kind of emotional pain I'm thinking about would probably come from enduring physical pain, so, what is that then?

  6. Emotional pain -- that pain can come back over and over... and I can personally remember it more vividly than physical pain.

  7. Emotional pain is far more awful than physical pain. At this point in my life, physical pain is temporary, but emotional pain lingers for years and years. I guess when I'm old, I may dread physical pain more, especially if it is persistent. For now, I'd choose physical pain first.

  8. I am going to go with emotional pain. It lasts so much longer than physical pain. Doctors can give you numbing drugs for physical pain, but nothing numbs emotional pain except sleep, and that can be hard to come by.

    The button-on towels are genius. I hate finding towels on the floor. It pretty much defeats the purpose of being a clean towel if it is on the floor.

    And I love that towel apron thing. I've never heard of one before. But now I desperately need one. Desperately.