Thursday, November 14, 2013

She Did That, I Did This

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Last month my girl Al came to visit me.  The thing about Al is that she is really talented.  I've decided that this is one area in life that I really excel at.  I just feel like my talent is making friends with exceptionally talented people.

Since you're reading my blog, you can call yourself my friend, and so that should make you feel really good about yourself.

Al has lots of talents, but the one that came into play on this particular trip was painting.

She got me all hyped up, the way she does, into thinking that maybe I could paint too.

So we sat there with our paints and our brushes and our canvasses, and the lighting and her easel, which was Heather's high chair, and it was all very artistic and inspiring.

I became sassy, which is what I do when Al is around and she has me thinking I'm cooler than I am, and so we're painting, and I begin to say, periodically, "Look, I'm an artist. If you don't like my work, you can just get over it."

In the most ridiculous voice ever.  Because, again, sassy.

And thus we painted.  Hers came out sooooooooo well, and I sometimes sit and just stare at it on my wall.  You might think I'm joking.

But if you do know me, you probably know that I really do do that. I mean, not all the time.  I have a life.

My painting?  It hung on the wall, and sort of started to make me feel sick.  I kept thinking, "yeah, so... I'm an artist, if you don't like my work, you can get over it, but what happens when the artist is me and I really don't like the work?"

It was all sort of sad and disheartening, and I wished that I had some of the talent that my talented friends have.

But then, just when you thought this story was going to get really mopy, Pinterest.

I whipped together a little something, painted over the mess that I had done earlier, and am mostly satisfied with the result.  It isn't finished yet, I haven't quite figured out exactly how I want to make it really pop with a little more color, but I'll think of something.

Hey, talented friends, you have any ideas?  What would you put with it to make it really look finished?  Remember, nothing complicated.  I am not, it turns out, an artist.

Her painting.
  I asked for birds in the springtime. Can you see the little pink buds on the trees?  It makes me so, so, so happy.  And she only had a couple hours to do it. Amazing.

I wish you could see the birds better.  They are kind of blurry here, but they are just perfect.

 AND... what I made.  
My original thought was that we would all put our hand prints around it, but... I don't know. Handprints?  Any other ideas?



  1. I REALLY wish you had a picture of your before picture.

    And remember, Al took art classes, Ames. Who knows what could you be after some art classes?

    Also, Al's painting is amazing!!! It is so beautiful.

    I like how your craft turned out. I don't think I would put handprints on it. I think I would leave it as is.

  2. I like it the way it is. Simple. It is what it is. And you create be-you-tea-full babies. And you made a home. Those are enviable things, too, sweet girl. You are who you are. And that is all by itself amazing. Really.

  3. are too sweet to me. I am glad you like it! When I look at it I see all of its flaws. We have that much in common (with your circles). I have learned to let things go when it comes to my artwork. There is much to be said for just being confident in whatever you end up with. Also I love love love the way your new ones turned out. I will admit I wasn't sold when you were telling me about it. The image in my head was way off. Bravo. I love it just the way it is. I say if you want to add something to it, you should add a canvas and do something on that. I tend to be a minimalist though. I also love monochromatic themes, which you have, so I think it's perfect, but you are the artist. ;)

  4. If you want to add color you could add a blue, red, or purple outline around the letters but done in the same style not a solid line.