Friday, November 29, 2013

And We're Off!

I always feel like the holiday season starts with Halloween, probably because if you go to the stores the day before Halloween they are pushing the remaining candy bags closer together and beginning to make room for the Christmas decorations.

That's what my grocery store was doing, anyway.

And my girls start to get so excited, and they make me recite over and over every day the list of exciting things that are soon to happen.  The list goes like this:

New Year's
Hallie's Birthday
Hanna's Birthday
Hazel comes
Heather's Birthday

All that, in just a couple months, and it is no wonder the girls think this time of year is the best.

Except, that they also ask me every day when it will be warm enough to go swimming again.

But they mostly like it.

Here we are, decorating the house on the day after Thanksgiving as is our custom, to make all things look merry and bright.  Except me, I sat on the couch and watched my family make everything look festive and bright

1 comment:

  1. Hanna and Hallie's hair looks so beautiful!!

    Your "2006" artwork looks nice. I LOVE your decorations!