Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy Birthday.

Today is my father's birthday.  My post today is an essay for my girls, and if I were in school I might have titled it, "Why My Daughters Should Choose to Marry a Man like Their Daddy."

Or, perhaps, "Why the Best Choice Your Mommy Ever Made Was Marrying a Man like Her Daddy."

See, growing up I was a pretty normal girl, and I had some pretty normal run ins with my dad, but looking at him now, as an adult, I see that he is just about the greatest guy I know, and that he is incredibly similar to the other greatest guy I know.

On the surface level, they are both brown haired, athletic men.  They both love bread, well, good food in general really.

They both need to be busy working on something, they need a task, a chore, a problem to be solved.  They are both incredibly hard workers who feel heavily the responsibility of caring for a family.  They both love their families more than anything.

They both have an immoveable awareness of what is good, and right, and true.  They are untiringly trying to better themselves, fully aware of their weaknesses and trying to be better men, husbands, and fathers.

They both have a soft spot for their girls, not that Devin never says no to them, but he is gentle with them in a way that I forget to be sometimes.  I was watching Hallie "helping" Devin make bread in the kitchen a few nights ago, and she was talking non stop.  On and on she went about every single thought that popped into her head, and he nodded, and listened and responded.  She soaked it up like a happy blonde sponge. 

Once sometime in my teenage years, I was babbling to my father in a similar way.  We were in the car, going somewhere I don't even remember where (on the way home from a soccer game?) and I started rambling about a pair of shoes that I really liked.  Before I even knew what was happening my father had turned the car around and we were walking out of the store with those shoes in a bag.  They continued to be my favorites until I wore holes in them.  I still miss them, actually.  I hadn't even known he was really listening to my jabbering on and on.

My dad and Devin aren't exactly alike, but in the very most important ways they are.  I hope my girls find a man just like them, someday.

Happy Birthday Daddy, from all your girls and grand-girls in Nebraska!


  1. such a sweet post for your daddy! I always loved "celebrating" your dad's bday on the first. although sometimes it was more like just being crazy in your house with tons of other crazy people on the first day of every year, more so than a celebration for your dad. But i am sure he loved it either way. haha. love your pops!

  2. aww :) We are two very lucky girls, aren't we?

  3. Aww, what a sweet post. :) And I think Alison's description of leftover craziness is probably pretty accurate, haha. What lucky girls - you, Meems, and your lovely daughters!

  4. Thanks Amy! When our family seemed to be getting a little too crazy for me; I'd ask you to sit by me and to hold my hand and then I could find calm.

  5. Papa Boling is one solid guy.