Monday, January 21, 2013

Daddy Spaghetti

Today was supposed to be Hallie and Hanna's birthday party.  I made all the plans, bought all the supplies, wrote out all the invitations.  We didn't end up having the party today for two reasons.

A. Hanna got sick the day after I wrote out the invitations, and then Devin and I got sick, and there was so much vomit in my house I just couldn't even think about birthday parties, so the invitations never got sent.
B. Turns out it was a good thing they never got sent, because Hallie made two trips to the toilet last night, and has been a frequent visitor today.  So I'm thinking it's a good thing I didn't invite anyone over today, because nestled next to the chocolates in their goodie bags would have been a healthy helping of germs.

I am so sick of germs.

Did you see what I did there? Healthy helping? Sick of germs?

Maybe I am feeling better, somewhere deep inside.  Well, I did clean up my laundry room today, and there is something so soul satisfying about a clean laundry room... I think counselors should really consider using that as a part of their therapy plan.

Since we weren't having a birthday party today, and since my laundry room was all clean and pretty looking, I thought I'd just hang out with Hallie.  She's just been sitting on the couch all day, and she was actually awake, so I sat down with my cross-stitch and began working on the pink, for the flower.  Once Hallie knows she has your attention, she can talk a blue mile.  I don't always listen with both ears, but just as I was about to snip off the end of my thread, one ear perked up. 

"Well, the mommy turns the daddy into spaghetti." I heard her saying.

"What? The daddy makes spaghetti with the mommy?"

"No, mom.  The mommy turns the daddy into spaghetti."

"Wait, what? How does that happen?" I'm not completely sure I want to know the answer.

"Ok, well, so the mommy puts the daddy in the fire.  Then she cuts off his face.  Then she covers him with yucky stuff.  um, then the mommy stirs the daddy.  Then the mommy puts the daddy in the oven and cooks the daddy. Then the daddy is all made into spaghetti and the mommy gives the baby some to eat.  Then the baby blows on her spaghetti because her spaghetti is too hot."

I made her retell me the story so I could type it up here, word for word, for my personal records, and for your... well, not enjoyment really, because that kind of story is hardly enjoyable, now is it?

Before you start thinking I let my daughter stay up late playing "Blade Assassin 3" or whatever the games are called, she gets scared from episodes of Curious George.  She can't watch Beauty and the Beast past the part when Gaston throws Belle's book in the mud (approx. 3 min into the movie).  She starts shaking and makes me turn whatever we are watching off.

So, this face cutting stuff? I have no idea where she got it from.

All in all though, I think we'll give it another week before I reschedule the birthday party.


  1. Sorry about the sickness--I hate sickness! Hope you're able to have a party, although how can you really top a party with Mr. Golden?

  2. I just read this aloud to the friends I am staying with and we couldn't stop laughing.
    Kid quotes are the best.!

  3. Oh man, Hallie! Kids seriously think of the most random things. And it is funny that her story is so violent, since she can't handle violence.

    We're pretty much all sick here, because of Emily's birthday party. A family came that had had the stomach flu this week, but the little girl Emily invited hadn't had it yet. Then she barfed at the birthday party on Dan and Rachel's computer chair. Sigh. And now we're pretty much all miserable. And tomorrow I'll take it home with me and perhaps get everyone in my house in Cincinnati sick. Birthday parties! I'm glad you didn't do yours and share your germ ridden goodie bags with all their buddies. :)

  4. It's funny to me that book throwing is so scary in B and the B. good thing you turn it off cause it always scared me when the Beast screams at Belle later on in the movie. Lol. I am glad you document Hallie's random stories. She will appreciate it later. :))