Thursday, April 26, 2012

Why I'm Not

a child photographer - and when I say that, I certainly mean that I am not a professional photographer of children, but I also mean that I try to avoid taking any pictures of children.  You've probably noticed that they are sort of few and far between on this blog.

I could give you a lengthy explanation about why I don't like to take pictures of kids, but perhaps it would be best if I just showed you.

 I mean, how do you get them to look at the camera?  And IF you ever manage that, how do you get them to smile?
 I don't even want to talk about posing.  It seems that once I step behind a camera I lose any authority I might have as a mother.  There's just no respect.
Now and then a few extras wander in. 

 And sometimes, my subjects just wander off.

Don't worry, I won't quit my day job.


  1. When you are old and gray, those informal, natural, and impromptu photos will mean the most. They show more character and reality than canned pictures.

  2. I am wondering how come Daniel didn't get a cute butterfly shirt--one day he will be grateful!

    Love, MOMROSE