Saturday, April 28, 2012

Thanks for Coming

Dear Sister:
I know you like to come in March best, but April turned out pretty well too, didn't it? Especially there at the end when Hanna was being MUCH nicer to Daniel.  See, now if you hadn't stayed so long she might have been a bully the whole time.  You should always stay ten days.  Apparently that's how long it takes for some of my kids go from bully to best friend.


  1. aww :) Poor Hanna. Poor Danny.

    I had so much fun! Maybe there is something to April . . .

  2. Oh, and I love love love that picture of Jill and Hallie.

  3. i love there outfits. And i can all ready tell Hallie and Jill are gonna be besties foreva!!

  4. I would say that your photography skills are pretty extraordinary! I love them! :)

    Love, MOMROSE

  5. Okay, here are tips for photographing kids that I have picked up randomly.

    ~wear a dancing hat.
    ~give them something small to hold.
    ~give them a small location to inhabit (like a barrel or a bench or something)
    ~and if all else fails (this is totally from me here) give them smile candy (like an m&m) and tell them when they eat it it will make them smile big for the camera.)

    That is all.