Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tiny Weight

At first the crushing
          sweet release
          beautiful relief
     of the sudden emptiness
     inside left me
     laughing hysterically,
     crying because it was finally over.
They took you and
     cleaned you
     measured you
     weighed you
     poked you
and they brought you back
     to me
putting your little body on
     top of mine
and that familiar weight
     was back again.
I looked at your face
     and remembered -
     this had only just begun.
Nine months of wishing to
     have your weight off my
          ribs, my
          lungs, my
and now I lay with your
     tiny weight pressing down
so you can fill me again.
You will grow
and I will not
until someday
     suddenly soon
     achingly soon
you will be too big
     for my chest
     for my lap
and I will only feel
     your weight as
     a soft warmth
     next to me.
When that day comes
     a hole will open up
     inside me and I
     will dream of
     being filled with
     another tiny weight.


  1. You are a talented writer. Nice pictures too, I think. 'Cause you're beautiful.

  2. Beautiful. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

    (And more Heather pics, please!) (And Hallie and Hanna, too, of course.)

  3. What a beautiful poem! I surely hope Heather will get to read it when she is old enough!

  4. I love the photo of you at the end. That is the look of pure exhaustion. You did it!