Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thoughts on a Thursday

I drink hot jello when I am sick.  I recommend the following flavors if you're interested in trying it: cherry, orange, or peach.  Hot Jello is especially delicious and potent when you have a sore throat, or are achey all over from a fever.

Strawberry Awake (Great Value, Wal-Mart brand) is my new favorite cereal.  Although, strangely enough I would like it better without the strawberries.

I'm pretty sure Hallie is a somnambulator (sleep-walker).  In the past few weeks she has gotten up in the middle of the night, and when we ask for an explanation of why she has gotten up, she has given the following responses, and said nothing else:
"I... I... I need... I just need... I need a triangle."
while sobbing uncontrollably: "Read this to me."  She was holding "To Think That I Saw It On Mulberry Street".
"um. um. um"

I got a hair cut that I don't know how to style - it reminds me of the time Devin and I bought a car with manual transmission that neither of us knew how to drive. That worked out ok, so I am hopeful.

Hallie has impetigo, Hanna has a nasty little cold, I have achey fever/sore throat/headache, and Devin is coming down with something, full review of symptoms to come as they develop.  Heather is the lone healthy person in the house, I guess she'll have to take care of us for a while.  Or should I put her in a bubble?

Along with my hair cut I am looking for a new makeup look, a full on makeover for me!  It's spring and I just had a baby, feels appropriate, don't you think?

The yellow winged blackbirds are back in full force in my backyard, and I love them dearly.  I am so sad that Devin hates them passionately, on account of their trying to kill him in Iowa. So, that's legitimate.

Devin has to go to Wisconsin in a few weeks, and we're going with him!  Tell me, what are the must see hot spots up in WI?

Devin and I watched a PBS special last night on Steve Jobs.  He said, and I paraphrase, "What you have to learn is to poke life and see what pops out.  Once you know that - that's the most important thing."  My question is, how exactly do you poke life?  I'm just wondering because I don't think I'd hate being a  billionaire.  I mean, changing the world.

More people have come to my blog via a google search for "Elmo Emo" than any other way.  I did that search, and I can't find my blog, how did they?  And why are people doing a google search for an Emo Elmo?

If you do a Wikipedia search for Amy Rose, and I highly suggest you do, you'll understand why it is my dream someday to dress up as a pink hedgehog for Halloween.

AND, I hope you had a good Thursday too.


  1. Love this post! Forgot about the hot jello... but love that about you too!

  2. If you are a pink hedgehog, Devin should be a blue one.

  3. First off, sorry your household is full of sickness. Let me know if I can help you out in any way. Secondly, I completely understand the need for a makeover after a baby... hence my hair being short now. Thanks for sharing these thoughts. I am totally going to try the jello idea next time I under the weather!

  4. love to read your musings-helps me feel like I am not so far away. I love the pictures also, of course! Love, MOMROSE

  5. Aww I almost felt like we were having a conversation. Thanks for your thoughts!

    All I can think of is remember that guy from Maine? How he did that voice? Wasn't it kind of emo elmo sounding?

    But I know what you've mean. I've tried to redo searches and find my blog. Some people must click through pages of hits before they decide to try my blog.

  6. Found it.

  7. I'd like pink hedge hogs, I'm sure. I've never played the game, but if I ever do ... I'll think of you in all your pinkness.
    You are beautiful hair cut or hair long. You can dye your hair with jello.

  8. Impetigo is really a horrible one. Thanks for the post.

    Stephen from