Monday, April 26, 2010

You Tube

Guess what, guys! There's this really neat website that I recently found, it's called "YouTube" and people put videos of whatever up and then people can just watch them! It's kind of crazy...  Here are a few I enjoy:

Ah, Alison. Remember the days when we made awesome videos? Leave her to die, Louis.

I just can't help laughing at this kitty.


  1. Oh man. Eating the banana like that. Gross! Haha And I thought it was really funny, "Okay! I'm going to do something I've NEVER done before." I expected some huge amazing feat. Haha. Ironing. Classic. The bunnies were cute.

    So, I already want a cat, and this has made me really want one, even if the kitty is supposed to be mean. :)

    And it is kind of awesome—youtube that is.

  2. Awesome. I need to get on this Youtube thing. I hear it's kind of a big deal.