Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Circle Of Life

Devin is enjoying his new job.  After going to work for a week he came home and said, "Well, I've been a professor for a full week now.  I still have no idea what I'm supposed to do as a professor."  He'll figure it out long before we have to really start worrying about tenure, I'm sure.

So one of his duties as a professor is to teach the Product Development class for undergraduates in their senior year, it's the capstone class of the Food Science program.  He is not teaching it this semester, but he goes to the classes to see the way they do it here.  Today they went on a mandatory field trip to a dairy farm, and Devin learned a fun fact about the circle of life that I'd like to share with you.

In the morning, I pour myself a bowl of cereal.  Say, Fruit Loops.  (I never eat Fruit Loops, but bear with me.)  Onto my cereal in my bowl, I pour a generous amount of milk.  I lift my spoon, and I commence eating.

On a dairy farm in somewheresville U.S.A., a dairy cow is having breakfast.  And you know what that farmer (at least in the somewheresville near us) is feeding his cow?  Fruit Loops.  That's right, the dairy farm cows eat breakfast cereal just like we do, then they make the milk that we pour on our cereal.

Kind of blows your mind, doesn't it?  Maybe it's just me. 

(I used Fruit Loops because Devin said when the farmer held up the cows food he could see and identify Fruit Loops.  The farmer actually gives them a mixture of all sorts of breakfast cereals.  There's probably some Special K in there for the cows who have summer swimwear on their minds, and a bit of the ol' Bran Flakes for the more senior citizen cow ladies.)


  1. And all this time I thought the cows were eating high fiber grass and whole wheat . . . wheat. Or something. Clovers. I don't know. Wow. Cereal.

    Haha, and I was like, "um . . . Fruit Loops? in your house?" Sure . . . :)

    I wonder if they ever get what I have for breakfast: eggs.

  2. Which makes me wonder . . . what are the chickens eating for breakfast in this somewheresville?

  3. Devin learns the most interesting stuff. I wish I could relate my work to life like he does! I am like Mimi, I thought they ate green grass and brown grass, some kind of grass!

  4. Fruit Loops?! The poor things may as well be eating cardboard! (That's not to say that WE don't have those yummy hoops of sugar cereal in OUR pantry... lol). I wonder if they even get granola. Now that's a yummy way to start the day! Devin really does have an interesting job. =)

  5. I wonder what they feed the chickens?

  6. haha. Nicole's comment made me laugh.

    I know that on my dad's family farm, they eat grass. And grains. And all that healthy stuff. I'll suggest they add some fruit loops to the mix though!

  7. It kind of does blow my mind. Seriously. It is a fun fact though. I also kind of want to go to a dairy farm now. lol

  8. I agree it does blow my mind. It's kind of cool and yet freaky at the same time. I love the Special K and the Bran flakes remark! LOL.