Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Memory Lane

One of the fun things about moving is that you get to unpack, and reorganize all of your STUFF.  So this means that I get to go through all of the things that I own, and use, and all of the random things that I have been saving, sometimes for years and years.  I came across a couple of notebooks that we had to write in like journals my junior year of high school for our English class.  Most of it was the ridiculous, bored rambling of a 17 year old trying to fill the required page, but some of it made me chuckle.

Sample: This poem about dirt -

Dirt, dirt - get off my skirt.
I don't want you sitting on my shirt,
I need to look pretty when I flirt
so leave me alone cuz I see Burt.
Dirt, dirt, I don't want you to get hurt
but please get out of my yogurt.

Then there's this bit about my pal Hannah, she sat next to me, on the right.  "When I first met Hannah I thought she was pretty cool.  Now, thankfully, I know different.  Just kidding.  That was for Hannah's journal entry about me being a dork.  We have a pretty good working system.  When I work during class, Hannah bugs me.  When I'm done working in class, say, the next day, I bug Hannah.  Some days we get working together, but who wants to hear about those days?"  Now, I honestly don't remember any of this, but did we have such a system Hannah, or did I make this all up for Mr. Hritz's entertainment?  He put a smiley face next to it...

Then here's one about cheese.  (The topic of which, apparently, Hannah suggested to me.)

"My older brother, the one living in Arizona, believes that cheese is the solution to life's problems.  Before he went to Arizona last February and was still living at home he would always be found eating cheese.  If I came home sad after a hard or long or bad day of school he would give me a hunk of cheese.  Now, that always made me feel better, believe it or not.  It wasn't so much the cheese itself, but that my brother honestly thought it would make me happy, and so in a strange way it did.  I love cheese now that he is gone.  ... So, if you are ever feeling down and out, check your fridge for some good cheese.  Cut a hunk, sit down, and munch your problems away."

Seriously, and I got good grades too. 

This one last thing I will leave you with I think I was in seventh grade when I wrote, so I was twelve.  It's a poem for English class, again, and it's about my sister:

Sweet, cute, kind and caring,
always cautious, yet also daring.
Overflowing love and joy turning to empathy,
to a world with which to share her sympathy.
A happy face, blooming for her friends,
to her I owe a love which never ends.

Awww... and Dan, I'm sure I wrote something to you.  In fact, I found a letter you wrote me thanking me for the letters that I had written you while you were on your mission! It's a really nice letter, and it made me really happy when I found it.

Ok, enough sentimental goosheyness.


  1. Aww Ames. I love that poem. I didn't even know you wrote it (or my fifth grade self forgot). Thank you for sharing it!! I love you!

    Cheese does solve a lot of life's problems!! (At least for our family.)

  2. I will try the cheese trick. Thank you, I will let you know.

    p.s. my internet has been down for a bit -- sorry I've been absent.

  3. I can see us sitting in the back center of his classroom writing this stuff. It makes me smile... I'm not sure if we had such a system, but I wouldn't put it past us. I will have to look through my school stuff sometime and see if I still have mine.

    Love you Ames...

  4. i remember that class with you guys. Remember how we watched movies like everyday in there? lol

  5. That's right, we did watch movies every day... Oh to watch movies everyday...