Thursday, February 4, 2010

Hoo Boy - Quarantine

Seriously, can you believe it? It's been three weeks since Hanna was born.  I thought the day she was born was a wild ride of a day, but when I look back over these past three weeks it's been non stop action.  And so, in case you're wondering why I have been neglecting all of you, friends and family, of late, let's review.

- Hallie got pink eye
- Devin's mom came to visit to help out (and her week long visit had so much craziness it deserves a list of its own.)
- My parents came to visit to help out (and their week long visit also had much craziness in it.)
- Our kitchen has been taken over by wild starch eating ants (we sweep after every meal, we mop the floor with bleach twice a week or so, and we have ant traps down.  WHAT MORE CAN WE DO?)
- I got a nasty cold.
- Then I got an ear infection
- Hallie got pink eye, again.
- Hanna lost too much weight her first few days home from the hospital, so we had to take her back to the hospital for more blood tests to be done. They took three vials (?) out of my tiny baby's body.
- Turns out she's just a heavy sleeper with little interest in eating.
- Cue setting an alarm to wake up throughout the night, and then spending ten minutes trying to wake up your sleeping baby.  In the cold dark house, while everyone else is snoring.
- Hallie isn't sure yet what she prefers: kissing and hugging Hanna, or using her as a personal punching bag.  (Just kidding on this one, although she does hit Hanna sometimes when Hallie wants me to hold her instead.)
- I put the names in that previous sentence because I originally had it with all pronouns and it was a lot of interchanging she's and her's.
- Hallie kept me up for the better half of the night last night with a fever of 102.  She finally fell asleep with me on the couch (we had previously tried her bed, my bed, and the rocking chair, all to no avail.  Even with a fever she thought it was party time. But the couch has magical powers to make people fall asleep, even if it did take half an hour still.)
- Well, perhaps that's all, but in my sleep deprived brain it has felt like a lot.
- Oh, and my eye is pink this morning: pink eye, anyone?

Thank you for all of the encouragement and support in the comments that you left on this post.  Today was my first full day by myself, and that's probably why I sound a little grouchy.  Things are good, my babies are healthy, and while I still can't hear out of my left ear, at least it doesn't feel like it is going to explode any minute and destroy all life on earth anymore.  (A scenario that I considered highly likely Monday night as I lay in bed feeling pity on all two year olds that ever had an ear infection.)

AND some pictures will be coming soon, I don't know if it is our computer, or our internet connection, or blogger but it takes too long to upload them and that's why I haven't put any of Hanna up in a while. She's cute though! For now, just take my word for it.


  1. Wild ride. :( Boo pink eye. Boo ear infections. Boo nasty starch eating ants. (How do you know that they are the starch eating variety? Do they look different, or have you left starch lying around and seen them munching on it? Is it possible to leave starch lying around in its natural form of just starch and not like starch in something?) (Yup, I'm still in that mood.) Yay for the post! And Hanna is definitely beautiful. I'm so glad you got a video camera for your computer!!

  2. Sorry to hear about the crazy first 3 weeks. Hopefully things will settle down very soon. Good luck!