Friday, February 26, 2010

Growin' Up

My big girl is growin' up.  She finally let me put a pony tail in her hair, to wanted to be "like Mommy".

And she had her two year checkup today.  She weighs 23 pounds, and 37 1/2 inches. (5% for weight and 10% for height.)  She's had a few growth spurts!

 and thanks for my cute sweater, Aunt Rachel!


  1. Oh my goodness! B and E both weigh 21 and a half pounds! yipes! But don't let this eat you up Amy, I know you've worried about it before - I merely think it interesting. Thanks.

  2. i am glad Hals made it past the 20lb mark. she pretty much loved that # and just decided to stick with it. She looks so grown up though. I can hardly believe it!

  3. I seriously love her hair in a ponytail. :) And that is a nice looking sweater!! Hanna and Hallie just both keep getting cuter and cuter!