Sunday, February 7, 2010

Alright, Already.


And a few Hallie anecdotes: When we help her do something she says, "Thank you honey."

She has recently gotten really excited about going to church, and so this morning she demanded to put on a "pretty dress."  As soon as we got home from church however, she said, "No want, pretty dress."

And an update: We are going BACK to the doctor tomorrow (this woman is going to think I am obsessed with her) because now Hanna has pink eye, and my ear is worse than ever.  I am pretty much completely deaf in my left ear now.  Awesome.

And other than all of that, we are doing really well.  There are so many people here in Peoria who take such great care of us, and show  us so much love.  I'm not looking forward to leaving all the friends I've made here.  That house had better do a heck of a job cheering me up.


  1. BUMMER! I can't believe your ear isn't better yet. The medicine Jill got for her ear infection worked really quickly. You do have a pump, so you could try this if you want. I've heard breastmilk can be put in the ear and works great. That is so sad that Hanna got pink eye. :( :(

    LOVE THE PICTURES! (I do request seeing some of you too though.) Has Hallie ever licked Hanna? Hehe So precious.

  2. Feel better soon!! I was wondering if you had moved yet. That house is a beauty, so I'm sure it will do some major cheering...especially the counter space in the kitchen! (That's what I'm most looking forward to about moving!)

  3. I think i really might just change how i address you..."Superwoman." You are an awesome mom, seriously. I hope you all get better and i cant wait to talk to you again. I miss you tons. I love the pic of Hals trying to lick Hanna. Too funny! Call me when life calms down.