Sunday, January 10, 2010


AND the verdict is...

I know that you have probably been agonizing for a while now over the question: Is Hallie the cutest, or isn't she? Well, it is a tricky one, I'll give you that.

My sister recently sent me a hundred or so pictures of Hallie when she was younger, ones that were taken by other members of the family that I didn't have, and among them I found the following. This should help you as you consider the answer to finally end the debate on whether or not Hallie has complete world domination in the arena of cuteness.
These were taken at my brother's house back in September, 2008 which makes Hallie about 9 months old.

The goldfish.

The rooster.

The kangaroo.

Ok, now I grant you the right to remain biased (loyal - whatever.) to your own child/grandchild/niece/nephew/neighbor's kid... because I KNOW that deep in your soul you are thinking to yourself, "Wow, she is one cute goldfish!  You just can't find that kind of goldfish-baby-cuteness in any old pond..." And that's enough for me.

P.S. also, I'm just joking.  But she is kinda cute, isn't she?

Oh yeah, and compare these practice Halloween costumes to how much she LOVED being in her "actual" Halloween costume: Chicken Costume


  1. She would be 'the cutest' whether she was in scales, feathers, hide or her jammies.
    You can't hide such cuteness!

  2. She is one super-cute Goldfish.

  3. Very cute. Ok, so I noticed in the kangaroo pic that you are sporting a Hill Cumorah Pageant shirt. Is that a Cast Member shirt? Were you in it? I was with my family for 5 years, thus the curiosity.

  4. Ok so in all fairness I think my children are the cutest... but Hallie is really really cute. She has the same kind of "doll face" like my Sarah does that makes them so cute!

    I always wonder the same thing... am I bias because they are my own kids? but I really do think they are the cutest... everyone tells me they are! with that said... you can say unbias that Hallie is the cutest too!

  5. 100% cute. Total world domination in the cuteness department.

  6. i LOVE this post. She is the dang cutest baby ever!!! and the comparison with her "real" costume is amazing. i laughed so hard at the pics from my apt. you are my favorite!

  7. I LOVE her face! It's so kissable! And that fish costume is so stinking cute!

  8. My boys are sold. 'Hallie is cute' they say.