Monday, January 4, 2010


I suppose it's no secret to anyone really that my mom and I can be a bit...silly when we're together.  Well when she was here visiting (quite a while ago, now it seems) we decided to try out the "night vision" setting on her camera.  Well I'll let you see for yourselves what "night vision" pictures come out looking like on my mom's camera, and if anyone can explain to me WHY you'd ever want to take a picture that turned out like this, please let me know.

First we thought the picture would turn out normal, because isn't that what "night vision" should do? Take a picture at night and make it look normal?  So, when we discovered what it had turned us into, we decided to make faces that were more, perhaps, appropriate for the lighting.

Ok, maybe we were just being silly.


  1. You and Mom are awesome. That is really funny that the camera has a mode that does that. I really thought the same as you, that it would make it easier to take a good picture at night. I'm sure that setting has a purpose though . . .