Tuesday, January 5, 2010

She's 2!

Warning: This post may very well only be interesting to me, and a grandparent or two.  Also, if you receive updates of my blog via email (that's you GG Boling and Poppa Homer) then you may not be able to see the video slideshows, so come to my actual blog if you do want to see them.)

Well, she isn't actually two until tomorrow, but I will have a lot going on then and I have nothing to do now, so I'll get it on here early.  We're not really doing anything for her birthday again this year (see the post on her birthday last year.  Yikes.)  Because I am still "sick" with whatever I got just before Christmas, and I am still quite pregnant.  We are having the missionaries and a neighbor over for dinner, and they will cheer for her as she opens presents I am sure.  Anyway, here's my little trip down memory lane with my baby:

Hallie as a newborn.

Hallie as a baby.

From baby to toddler.


  1. I'll have to watch those on the desktop. The laptop can't handle them. But I am so excited for her birthday, sorry that you're not feeling well, so excited that we're so close to Hanna's arrival, and slightly in shock that enough time has already gone by for Hallie to be 2.

  2. Happy Birthday Hallie!!! :-) I'm sorry you aren't feeling well! How have your drs. appts been going? Sorry I wasn't able to watch Hallie at your last appt. I hope you are doing well and that you are getting excited for numero 2!!!

  3. she is getting so big!!! Happy Birthday to Hallie! I wish i could have been around for it!

  4. Happy Birthday, Hallie! I can't believe she's already two, but I guess that's good since your Hanna is just around the corner. Let me know if you want us to come over and play with her so you can rest; Collin would LOVE that.

  5. I love those videos. Yay for Animoto! What a blessing to have these slideshows even if you don't have the original pictures. She's so cute in those pictures!! I am honored that Jill made the third slideshow. That sure is a cute picture.

    I had never seen the last two quotes that you added on the side of your blog. I really like them!!

    There was one I really liked in the Miracle of Forgiveness (yes, you and Dad rubbed off on me). It was something like "Rationalization is the bringing down of your morals to your actions. Repentance is the raising of your actions to your morals." Or something close to that. Maybe "ideals" rather than "morals." Anyway. I really like how it was phrased.

  6. Amy, Thanks for the walk down memory lane with you and Hallie!