Monday, June 22, 2009

Back It Up

Hey, Al. The sheriff called. He said you look hott in his sunglasses.

Generic picture.

Hallie's first time by herself in a swing!

So, I keep finding pictures that I never got around to posting. How terrible. So, here are a few from when Hallie and I went to visit Al a little over a month ago.


  1. Haha. I think I'm a bad mom. I put Jill in one of those swings by herself last week. She fell asleep. I officially love it!

  2. Mims, You can't start too soon to give your children the joy of swinging!
    If Jill fell asleep then it doesn't really count as her first time in a swing.
    Congratulations to Hallie for being a biggest girl!
    I want to swing with Hallie and Amy and Mimi and Jill and Emily and ... all of us swingers. I think we should go to the park when you're here.

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  4. I love the sheriff sunglasses picture and Amy's caption. Is hott hotter than hot, like butt is bigger than but?

  5. i do look pretty cool in my glasses. the sherriff calls a lot about his glasses. :) cute pics.