Wednesday, June 24, 2009

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So, my mother teaches English to Koreans over the phone. Sometimes I help her out by typing out her written evaluations of the lessons. Sometimes, my mom doesn't understand what they are saying. To her credit, she understands them much better than I do, usually. Here is my favorite instance of when I knew what the student was trying to say, and my mom still hadn't figured it out when I called her laughing. You might not think it's funny, but I have to transcribe it from the recording so that I always have it to reflect on when I need something like this.

The conversation started because my mom had had trouble getting ahold of him, and he said he hadn't heard the phone ring until just now, but she had already called four times. So he said there was something wrong with his cell phone. So my mom said that instead of a ringing sound, she heard music playing that she did not recognize. So he explained what the music was. (Some of the students have Justin Timberlake playing while their phone rings. That always makes me laugh too. And one has the theme song to Star Wars. Gotta love it.

Him: They are the most famous singer group in Korea.
Mom: What is the name of the group?
Him: Third Generation (I think.)
Mom: Third Generation?
Him: yeah, they are composed of eleven girls.
Mom: Wow, that is a large group.
Him:Yeah, many Korean men really like them
Mom: Yeah, I guess so.
Him: Yeah, I also like her band very much.
Mom: Is one of them your favorite, or do you like them all?
Him: I have a, I really like one girl in band, in that group.
Mom: Does she ever sing a solo, or does she play the guitar?
Him: No, no, they are dancing group.
Mom: Oh, they are a dancing group.
Him: Yeah, yeah. Not the dancing, they also can sing, but they are not uh...
Mom: They don't play instruments, they don't play the music.
Him: Right, right. only sing and dance.
Mom: Wow
Him: And beautiful eleven girls.
Mom: That is pretty amazing.
Him: Yeah, it is like hmm, spice girls? like that, do you know spice girls?
Mom: Um, bicycles? Like you ride a bicycle?
Him: No, Spice Girls. In England, singing group, composed of five girls.
Mom: I don't think I know about it.

One more note. My mom DOES know the Spice Girls. She was, I think Scary Spice in a little talent show we had once. Awesome.


  1. i totally forgot your mom was scary spice. awesome!!! i think it was all in the hair. love your mom.

  2. Haha. I bet she did know the student said Spice Girls and she didn't want to admit it. Hehe. JK :)