Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Hand that Feeds You

Hallie has 5 teeth now. How exciting. She got the three new ones while we were in Michigan visiting mom and dad. What does this really mean? It means that she is biting things with sharp, brand new teeth. What is she biting? Namely, me. At the risk of sharing too much information (although, this is my blog), she is off solid foods, which means that I am her main source of food again. Don't they say that you shouldn't bite the hand that feeds you? Especially when the "hand" is so very sensitive? Well, to make a long and painful story short, I cut her off tonight. She bit and pulled twice today in a very painful manner, and I couldn't take it anymore. We got a bottle ready (although the manual pump is quite a nuisance at times also) and force fed her that. She took it like a champ. We'll see how long my resolve lasts. Probably until she bites me again.

I would also like to discuss words. I have many favorite words, that I just really like to use very much. Among these words are: many, just, really, very, much, quite, so, few, other, random, some, among, seem, etc. Please forgive me if I seem to use these words ad nauseum. You have been warned.


  1. It is interesting that you wanted to discuss words, because in my last blog post, I discussed words as well. In a different manner than you, but still words.

    Also, haha Hallie has more teeth than Avery! :) When we were there a few weeks ago, Avery only had 1 tooth, and then during the night she threw up everywhere and woke up with 2 teeth. :)

    I'm sorry that Hallie's biting you. I've heard that is pretty common though. So, this is what I don't recommend!

    My friend's mother-in-law told my friend's sister-in-law (so the mother-in-law told her daughter-in-law) that when she was nursing and her children starting biting, she smacked them, and then they never did it again. She told her daughter-in-law that she should try that, too.

    Well, her daughter-in-law timidly decides to follow her advice, and she smacked her son the next time he bit her during nursing.

    It did not turn out as well for her though, sadly. :( Her son cried and cried and was afraid of her for the next few days and would not eat from her and did not want her to hold him at all.

    Sad story, huh?

    Yeah, so I don't recommend that. ;) I have no advice on how to teach her not to bite. I hope she hasn't drawn any blood or made huge bruises. From what I hear at church, that is relatively common. :( Sad day. So much to look forward to!

  2. Hey - that's a funny/sad story. Yeah, it is common, and she's actually been biting me for a long time, but it wasn't really a huge problem until she got so many shiny new teeth, and now she is drawing blood. Or she was, when I was feeding her. I haven't seen Friday night! Although I am dreadfully tired of pumping. It's so much easier to just nurse. But oh how painful these days! Yeah, I had moms tell me to flick her cheek gently with my finger and sternly say "no". I tried this. Over and over. Hallie always responded with this little grin that said "oh mom, don't we have so much fun when we play these games together? I'm so cute." And that's why I had to cut her off. Because she is so cute. But the bleeding was too much. I didn't really think going to the bottle would work, because it never has before, but she took right to it this time. HOORAY!!!