Wednesday, October 29, 2008


There are certain things in this bleak and dreary world that I am sure should not be documented. As an example, I present you with this:
Yes, this is me, in eighth grade, in a swimsuit. Who took these pictures? Who thought that this ghastly image was important enough that it merited documentation?

Let's move away from this unpleasantness to something a little more, pleasant. Because there are some things in this beautiful and glorious world that should be documented. Like, more of our time in the Netherlands:
Let's actually travel a bit to Bruhl, Germany. I spent a beautiful day there once...
Devin, Dad, Mom, Me
What I wouldn't give to live here. Check out that awesome forest!
Mom and Dad's new summer home
This is what we came to Germany to see, this palace that belonged to some guy, at some time in history, that had some large amount of money and property. I think this was the place that had 400 bedrooms, 0 bathrooms.
The tiny people clutching each other in the middle there are Devin and I.
I wish we had been there in the spring to see the splendor of the gardens, instead of the drab-ity-ness of no gardens... but that's all the more reason to go back someday!


  1. Sigh. Our skinny days. You should have picked a Brazil picture where your ribs and hip bones can be seen jutting out in your swim suit. hehe.

    Love the Netherlands pictures like usual. Very beautiful there. Sigh.

    And haha I loved your 400 bedrooms, 0 bathrooms comment. Have they renovated it or anything? Did you get to go inside?

  2. yeah, I don't know how many bathrooms they have now. I was kidding, but I do think they had around 400 bedrooms.

  3. If it helps any those pictures were taken at haltamen swim club... I know my Muncie pools. I have many swim pictures that are very similar...