Thursday, May 15, 2014


When Devin's parents were in town, I took advantage and went off to the grocery store all by myself.  Sometimes it feels really sort of deliciously luxurious being alone in a grocery store, did you know that?  Oh, and but I had Heather with me. Because these days when I say I am alone, Heather is obviously a footnote to the definition of the word "alone".

So there I was, wandering through the store all by myself with Heather by my side, taking my sweet time really trying to decide which pickles I wanted the very most.  Our grocery store gives free cookies and free slices of cheese to children.  We were looking through the cheeses, I think I was trying to find the pepperjack  because my plan was to make blt's for lunch, and hello pepperjack.

As I was on the hunt, one of the cheese guys came over to us, and bent down to Heather's height. 
"What kind of cheese do you like?" He asked her, preparing to get her whichever kind she wanted.

"Green." She said in her tiny voice.  At this point I turned around and told him that she really would like a piece of "orange".  He smiled and went to get it.  When he returned, I reminded Heather to say thank you, which she did in her tiny two year old "I don't really know you but I'm going to eat this cheese because my mommy is right here by me" voice.

I turned to him and said, "Thanks."  Then, in my snootiest voice, I said, "But I am pretty disappointed that you don't have green cheese for the little kids that want it."

He laughed, and said, "Actually, we do have some green cheese, but I thought it might be a bit too much for her."

Wise man. Wise man.  Do people eat green cheese then? I guess that's a thing somewhere, for some people?


Last night at dinner I was talking again about the various people that have sided with me in agreement that Hazel might have red hair.  I told Devin that I had an entire handful of people that thought it might be red, as well as Hanna.

Hallie piped up and said that she did not think it was red, and she agreed with Daddy.  I laughed and said it was on! Hallie and Daddy versus Hanna and Mommy - who would be right, and who would be wrong?  These are the things that make life exciting, you know?  And then we all remembered Heather sitting there quietly eating her dinner.

"Heather, what color hair do you think Hazel will have?"

She was so confident.  "Green!"

We'll see, Heather. We'll see.

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  1. Poor cheese. "It's not easy being green." I doubt it is a favorite. I think I have seen it before at stores. Quite moldy looking. I am glad you were there to overhear her request! :) Hahaha. And if Hazel follows in Aunt Mimi's footsteps, she may have green hair at some point if only for a little while . . .