Friday, May 16, 2014

A Letter to The World

Dear World -

Have you ever been completely jealous of someone, and at the same time so totally not jealous of them at all?

Have you ever made it through cutting the onions just fine, only to give in to the tears while chopping the carrots?

The thing is, it was hard enough for me to give my sister to BYU when she went away to college.  It was harder still for me to "let her" get married and go off with her husband to have adventures.

Now you, world, are trying to claim* her as well for even more adventures.  So listen up.

That's my baby sister that is coming at you.  That's the little girl that taught me just about everything I know about being who I am.  She taught me to play, to fight, to laugh, to apologize.  We grew up and she taught me how to be married, and continues to teach me how to be a mom.

She's two years younger than me, but she's always been years older than me.  Growing up it was always she who introduced me to the people who came into my life.  She was my brave face, my adventurous spirit, my willingness to try.

Now it is my turn to introduce you to her.  She will learn your languages, and how to cook your food.  She will learn to navigate your streets and love your people.  She will open her door and let people in to her home and her heart.  She will love you.

So please be kind to her.  Treat her well, treat her right, and show her your very best side.

I know that I am being very selfish, crying over the carrots because I will no longer get to talk to her while I make dinner for my family.  I know that it is her life that is going to change completely, and mine only the barest fraction.  I know that.  And since her world is going to be changing so much,  I beg you, world, to make it a change for the better.


*My sister's husband just got accepted to the Foreign Service.  They don't know yet where they will be taken, but they will get to see the world.


  1. You make me feel so loved. And being so loved makes me brave enough to do anything. Even follow my husband all over the world. I am really looking forward to sharing our adventures with you. And I will really miss talking to you on the phone while I am cooking dinner, too. But I know that sisters like us will make it work. Thanks for making me cry every time I read this post. I love you.

  2. Whenever I want to feel loved (and cry) I search your blog for this letter. I love you.