Monday, April 14, 2014

Special Days

Holidays are special days, of course.  Aside from holidays though, there is one day every year that is a really special day for me.  Since it isn't a holiday, I never know exactly when it is going to come.  When it does come, it fills my heart with gladness and makes my soul to sing.  It is such a good day that it makes the good feelings last all week.  It makes everything in my life look better, smell better, taste better, sound better, feel better.  Yes, it's that powerful.  It is even better than some of the real holidays.  I think it might break down like this for me:

1. Christmas
2. Easter
3. Birthdays
4. Amy's Special Day
5. Mother's Day
6.. Halloween
7. Fourth of July
8. Thanksgiving
9. Memorial Day

10. Valentine's Day

and then all the other random holidays that are really important and special, too.

This is what my special day looks like:

Yes, that's right. It's the day I clean out my garage. 
Ahhhhhh it just feels so good right here.


  1. I love that day so much, sometimes it used to come twice a year. Yay for you!!

  2. That looks like a good day! I bet it will happen a lot more often now that you only have one car. I imagine it would be easier to stay organized when you have so much more space to move around.