Saturday, April 12, 2014

Running in Nebraska

I ran my first 5k since having Hazel.  It felt really good to be out there.  Also, it's always fun to see tractors.
 Hanna, waiting for the race to start so they can cheer me on! Best cheerleaders ever.
 Don't judge me.  
She's only two and a half months old, and I am not one of those women who work out when they are pregnant. I'm just not.

 Here I am, telling Devin that I think I can, after all, finish the rest without needing a bathroom.

 The girls loved the tractors.  Who doesn't love a good tractor?

In this one I am trying to decide if I want to "finish strong", or walk it in. You know how it is.


  1. You're an inspiration! I'm so impressed that you already ran/walked/jogged/didn't pee yourself? a 5K! You had a DOUBLE C-SECTION girlfriend. Settle down. ;)

    Maybe we'll get to do a 5K together someday with all of our kiddos cheering us on. Wouldn't that be something? :) HEY! I wonder if there are any in Michigan this June . . .

  2. I am so proud of you! So amazing especially so soon after a csection! I love that the girls got to cheer you on and see what a tough momma you are

  3. I'm proud of you Mama! You are looking sooooo good out there. I did the march of dimes last weekend. It was sort of brutal. Some day I'll blog about it. :)