Thursday, April 17, 2014

Observations of Things

There we sit, every day, the minutes ticking by.

I've noticed a few things over the course of the school year.

Observation 1: There are different kinds of parents.

1. The ones who wait in line every single day for an hour.
2. The ones who park and walk to the front of the school and wait, rain or shine, wind or snow.  These people would have made good postal workers.
3. The ones who do wait in line, but show up at the last minute.  Their kid has to stand in front of the school for twenty minutes.
4. The ones who walk when it's nice, drive when it's cold, and park when it's mediocre.  I look at these parents with envy, and wish that we lived close enough to do so.

Her school has over 700 students, but I recognize most of the parents and could tell you which category they go in. Ok, to be honest, some of them I wouldn't know their face at all, but I do recognize their vehicle.

Observation 2: There is one parent who has a serious love for REO Speedwagon.  Well, that's the only conclusion I can come to for why it was played at top volume on repeat for an hour.

Observation 3: The girls who work at the YMCA after school program at the school seem to have a uniform.  Black leggings.  Brown boots.  Coat/jacket/shirt/sweatshirt of their choice.

Observation 4: Spending an hour of your day just waiting for something isn't actually that much of a hardship.  I don't know if I would switch to bussing even if it were an option.

Observation 5: There are three different kinds of people.  When two little girls stick their heads out the window, wave enthusiastically and yell "Hi!"

1. This group will look at the little girls, smile, and say "how are you?"
2. This group will look at the little girls, and then pretend they didn't hear them and keep walking.
3. This group is on their cell phone talking, or is listening to their ipod, or texting.  They don't hear or notice the little girls.

Observation 6: The parents are all really nice.  The ones that don't acknowledge the girls I get the feeling it is more from a reaction of "are they really talking to me?" than anything else.  This first year has been such a great experience.  Hallie is so excited about first grade.

Observation 7: When I first started doing this, the thought of having to sit there like that day after day for the next so many years was kind of sickening. But we've really come to enjoy it.  Hanna does a reading lesson, Heather takes a nap.  We play games, we talk, we sing, we tell stories, we read stories.  I bring a sudoku, or a crossword puzzle, or a  book to read, or a notebook to make lists and write thoughts.  It is sort of the most peaceful and relaxing part of my day.

Well, sometimes. You know.  Nothing's perfect.

I don't know if that is a statement on how humans can get used to just about anything, or if it is a statement about how if you plan your time and like the people you are with, it can always be well spent no matter what you're doing.

Observation 8: Heather has never once complained about not being able to get out of her seat.  That doesn't mean she is always happy, but her unhappiness has never been because of being stuck in the seat.  This amazes me.

Observation 9: Windy days in Nebraska are something else.  Especially when the school is in the middle of nowhere and there is nothing at all to block the wind.  There have been times when I have worried it would knock the car over.  Not kidding.  Not exaggerating.  Ok, just a little.  It really does rock the car back and forth, though.

Observation 10: I really like my kids.  I really like Nebraska.  And sunshine, and birds, and backpacks, and pencils, and teachers, and parents, and all the things.  Remembering to have that attitude really really helps.


  1. I like your observations. :)

    Nebraska is SERIOUSLY windy. How can you not mention that it blowed over the stoplight pole?? And the stop sign with the cement bottom? And Heather? Craziness.

    And I completely agree with what you mean about time being well spent if you like who you're with and if you've planned ahead.

    Heather not complaining about being in her carseat makes me think of how good my kids can be in the car. I've gone places with people who brought all sorts of toys and movies and things to make their kids good in the car, but my kids can drive for at least two hours (usually—no one's perfect!) before they start wondering where their travel fun things are.

  2. Oh, and I REALLY like Nebraska, too.

  3. I love observations. It's so much more fun than not noticing.

  4. I'd say the never being unhappy about being in the carseat is not only my favorite, but the most impressive.