Saturday, February 1, 2014

So Good to be Home

So there we were, that Monday night, laying in our beds with visions of free popcorn and five dollar movies and getting to know new Disney princesses dancing in our heads.  I slept on the couch that night because I was too uncomfortable in the bed to sleep.  Suddenly, a child's crying pierced the night, and I went dashing up the stairs to see what was the matter.

Hanna was sitting up in her bed sobbing, and Hallie in an almost angry voice declared the moment she saw me, "Mom, it smells like yucky vomit in here.  I think Hanna did it."

Then Heather began to cry.  First things first, I told Hallie to lay back down and try to go back to sleep.  Next, of course, I went to wake up Devin and demand his help.  Then we set to work cleaning up Hanna and her bed, and getting Heather back to sleep as well.

Tuesday, as you know, saw Hanna sleeping on the couch.  She didn't really eat or move at all that entire day.  And by entire day I mean up until around 3:00, I don't really know what she did after that because I was at the hospital, doing other things.  Remember that?

I do know that at some point in time, she recovered from her illness and everyone was able to come see me in the hospital on Wednesday.

I spent Thursday, Friday, and half of Saturday in the hospital too.  It was so nice to come home today. We pulled in to the driveway around 3:00, and Hallie and Hanna were jumping around, so eager to hold Hazel and give her all the kisses.  Heather was sound asleep in her bed.

She just kept sleeping and sleeping, that tiny little self.  Sleeping, sleeping, sleeping...

My mom had put her down for her nap around 12:30, and she didn't wake up until almost 4:30.  She came downstairs, and like her sisters was so excited to see that Hazel and mom were home!  Yay yay, happy day!

She sat on my mom's lap next to me on the couch.  I was holding Hazel and we were just enjoying being back together again.  My mom put Heather down on the couch next to me and got up to go the bathroom.

And then there was a sudden sort of choking sound from Heather.  And then there was vomit everywhere.  Red.  Chunky.  Thick.  Like a strawberry smoothie had exploded out of her mouth, and it just kept coming.

I did what anyone would do who had just come home from the hospital after a c-section and was holding their new baby in one hand and a vomiting toddler in the other.  I screamed for my mother.

She helped me clean it all up.  Everyone all fresh and smelling better, and we tried to renew the pleasant atmosphere of moments before.  My mom took Hazel and I settled in to give Heather a proper snuggle.  Oh, how I had missed my little Heather!

And then there it was again, that tiny choking sound and ...

all over me and all over her and everywhere in all the nooks and crannies of everyone and everything everywhere.

Devin had run to the store to get my prescriptions filled, and my grandpa was blissfully unaware on the other side of the room, knitting socks for Hallie and Hanna.  So again, I did the only thing possible.  I screamed for my mother.

I'll just let you imagine how the rest of the day went, and now with all but me in the house sleeping and quiet, I can't help but think that

It is so good to be home.

And also, that I hope no one else gets this stomach bug.


  1. I think Hanna did it too. Are you sure it was Heather? You can't really ever be sure, can you?

  2. Gah. Trying to comment for the third time.

    :( I hate vomit. I hope no one else gets it.

    And this made me think of this post:

    I hope your stomach bug doesn't reach those epic proportions!!

  3. Oh, and I'm SO HAPPY that you're home!!!!!!!!

  4. Yikes! Thank heavens for mama Boling.

  5. Seriously. What would we do without our sweet, dear Mothers? I don't want to think about it. Poor kid. Just sleep like it's your job, Amy.