Sunday, June 23, 2013

To Be Like Devin

This morning as I poured the girls their cereal, they all clamored, "Oats, mommy. I want oats on mine."

What they meant was they wanted me to pour a handful of dried oatmeal on their Cheerios, because that is the way Devin eats his cereal every morning and they sometimes like to have it that way, too.

Sometimes I laugh when I imagine in a few years when they are having breakfast at a friend's house, and they are offered cereal, and they look around wondering where the dried oats are to put on top?

Wait, other people don't do that?  Or, do you?  (Do you?)

That led me to thinking about other things that Devin does, that my girls have copied, that I wonder if other little children, or adults like to do.  I'll share some of the things that I came up with, on the off chance that you, like my girls, want to be more like Devin.

He makes his own yogurt, and then we stir in jam, preferably the homemade strawberry, because that stuff is the best.  Obviously the girls don't quite make their own yogurt yet, but they love to help.

He cleans the bathrooms once a week, and the girls just dance and sing when he lets them help.  And really, they are actually quite helpful.  (Heather, not so much.  Yet.)

He drinks his juice watered down by half.  And when I say juice, I mean sugar free crystal light.  So, half flavored water, half water.  The girls think this is delicious.

They don't think any meal is complete unless as a treat afterward there is a bowl of uncooked oats, wettened with milk and some random item from the cupboard .  I've seen Devin add anything from graham crackers to peanuts, from raisins to chocolate syrup.  The girls think this is the most delicious treat, and have been known to choose it over ice cream.

To recap this quick list, if you want to be more like Devin, you should make yogurt, clean the bathroom, put dry oats on your cereal, and drink your "juice" watered down, and then after dinner eat a bowl of wet oats.

As a side note, I've also thought of a few things that show my girls are like me.  If you're interested, here's how you, too, can be more like me.

They don't always think it's terribly important to wear pants around the house.  I mean, I usually wear pants, but their laid back attitude about the whole thing definitely comes from me, not Devin.

Their world revolves around Reese's Peanut Butter cups.  Now, those aren't my favorite candy bars per se, but they do owe their allegiance to chocolate and peanut to me. For sure.

They think that after a meal, the normal thing to do is to lay on the couch with a blanket.  Even in the heat of summer.

And to recap, if you want to be more like me, go without pants around your house for a while, have some chocolate, and lay on the couch with a blanket.

It's such a good life.


  1. A good life indeed! I sort of love your life. Every time I am there, I this is how it's supposed to be done! haha! love you!

  2. I think of your girls running in your family Thanksgiving day race and reading books to themselves. :) It is fun to see them mimic our good habits. It makes me so sad when I see Jill repeating my "bad" behavior. I don't do any of those things that Devin does, but the things you do are pretty common around here.

  3. Bahaha, that totally sounds like you. and Devin.

  4. I think I want to be more like Devin :)