Thursday, June 20, 2013

Braids and Stuff

A few weeks ago Devin took all his girls out to dinner at Applebees.  This was fun for many reasons.

1. The girls thought the name was hilarious.  Every time we told them where we were going, which was every two seconds when they asked, they would laugh and laugh when I answered, "Applebees."

2. Yummy food someone else made, no dishes to clean up, and leftovers.

3. We had a gift card, so it was free.

4. Since we were going out to eat on a big date with our best man, I wanted us girls to look nice.  Right?  So all the girls got little side braids, which is normal for Hallie and Hanna, but it was Heather's first time. (Bonus, the side braid helps keep hair out of their face. Bonus, that keeps food out of their hair.)

She really can't be my baby anymore if I'm braiding her hair, can she?

It was a pretty good date.


  1. with little side braids they're looking like sisters

  2. The name of the restaurant is pretty funny. I am glad you used the gift card and had a night out. The girls look so cute with their braids. Hallie is looking to grown up though. I want our babies back!