Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Just in case you felt like you needed closure on this whole novel topic, I present you with, my book.

I finally managed to read it all the way through, which pretty much proves my theory that I like books better in actual print than reading them on a screen.  Sorry, no kindle for me today thanks.  It was not, by any means, the best book I've ever read - I mean, it wouldn't even dare flirt with the best book.  But it was also not the worst, worst book I've ever read, probably not even in the lowest ten.  There were definitely times when I had to sort of laugh, and think, "Oh man, I completely forgot about this part that I wrote at 1 am."  You know, as a sort of word bulking agent, just trying to get my word count up there. Probably in edition 2 that I have to have finished before my father is eighty (per his request) those parts will be cut out...

What I hadn't really thought all the way through was that when I signed up on the website to get my five free copies I was also giving Amazon.com permission to sell my book on their website.  It was one of those things that I knew, but didn't really process.  I mean, even through the whole part where they asked me how much I wanted to charge for it I didn't really get it.  This from the girl who didn't realize that Rice Krispies were made from puffed rice until college.  Yes, that was a startling discovery for a young and innocent co-ed.  They have a little calculator and as you put in how much to charge they calculate how much your royalties would be, so I played with that for a bit until I found the cheapest amount that I could get a couple cents for.
You can get yourself your very own copy, should you so desire to have one on your bookshelf, at Amazon.com for 4.99.  BUY MY BOOK HERE SO I CAN BE RICH.  (You totally don't have to buy one, obviously. Free country and all.)

And soon I'll be rich.


  1. I'm so excited for your book!!

    annnd...don't knock the rice krispie revelation, ok??

  2. Amy, the published author and I had heard it was so hard.

  3. I think I will buy two. One to keep and the other to sell after you are famous. Then I'll be rich!

  4. I was going to buy a copy, but Jeff beat me to it. He bought one two days ago. Ha. :)