Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Ramblings and Musings

I've been struggling with some ADD type thinking difficulties, combined with extreme forgetfulness, in addition to exhaustion, on top of a morose-like almost depression type mindset.  All of which made me realize that I needed to have my TSH levels checked again.  Bingo.  I just got back from the pharmacy, and am hopefully on the way to feeling better again.

I've had so many things flashing through my mind but they don't stick in long enough for me to formulate an entire blog post, but they are beating me down - almost as though my thoughts don't feel like they have been fully appreciated, fully thought about, until I have written them down.  Here's to you, Thoughts.

Hanna has been making me laugh lately.  She will suddenly yell, "Don't be an elephant-dan!" And we all try really hard to not be "elephant dans", as if any of us know what that is.

Right now I am typing this blog post on the left half of my screen, the right hand open to iTunes, which is playing a Sesame Street Podcast.  That is because Hanna has had a lot to drink in the past few minutes, and we're at three accidents today already, and Sesame Street Podcast is the easiest way to keep her on the potty long enough to actually go.  Reading stories works too, but my computer has more lasting power than my voice does.  So, Ernie and Elmo it is.  Take that, iPhone.

I finished quilting Heather's quilt.  I am sort of ridiculously pleased with how it turned out.  Pictures someday, if I think of it.

Oh, how's this for news.  We've had the Aspen for two weeks now.  Except for the three days it was in the shop last week. Oh, and that it has been in the shop for two days again this week.  Yeah, so that's great.  There's some engine trouble.  We were so frustrated that we were thinking of just taking it in and asking for our money back, but... then I talked to my sister, and thought about it some, and decided that in life, you never know when stuff is going to happen, like engine trouble. And right now they are paying for everything.  And they give me a car to drive around while they work on mine. So, that's a pretty sweet deal.  As long as they actually fix it this time.  I took some pictures of the car they loaned me (both times, same car).  I'll post them, someday.

In a few weeks I am running with some friends of mine in the Market to Market Relay.  Basically we run from Omaha to Lincoln (83 miles or so I think) taking turns. I think my portion ends up being a total of something over 9 miles.  Wish me luck.  Cross your fingers.  And pray for me, too. Thanks.

My mom sent me some things in the mail today that I had left at her house when I was there last.  In addition, she sent me some chocolate.  I wanted to say four things about this. Let's see if I remember them all. Here goes.
1. I really, really, really love my mom.
2. I was planning on going on a crazy chocolate spree while I was at the drug store picking up my prescription, because, well, do I really need a reason to go on a crazy chocolate spree? But she saved me from that.  How do moms know when we need to be saved from inferior chocolate?
3. The chocolate from Aldi really is the best chocolate.  It just is. Don't fight me on this.
4. The first one I opened was a rich dark chocolate, and I wasn't sure if Hallie and Hanna had ever had dark chocolate before, so I didn't know if they would like it. (I hated it as a child, I thought it was a sick imposter of the real thing. Ha, ha, right?)  I asked Hallie what she thought and she said, "This chocolate makes me need milk Mommy."

When I was at the doctor's office waiting to hear the results of my blood test,  Heather was approached, talked to, smiled at, and generally admired by Every Single Person who walked in to the waiting room.  Part of it is the hair.  Part of it is her two toothed smile that she flashes at anyone who looks so much as a mile in her direction. Part of it is the baby tiger purring, little motor running sound that she makes.  I actually had someone ask me if they could take a picture of her.  So if you need someone to lighten up a doctor's office waiting room, I'm willing to rent her out.*

I still wonder about that woman who sent me the check.  And about Joseph's show at Jasper's.  And who the other Amy Rose is.  Life is full of mysteries, am I right?

Have any of you heard of three minute fiction, sponsered by NPR?  How fun is that?!  And since I'm a total nerd who kind of misses doing homework, Devin gave me the assignment to write one.  Working on it!  (Alisha, Heather, Alison, who's with me?)

And, to finish off this crazy rambling post of nothing would you like some pictures?  Yes, let's do pictures. Let's see what I can scrounge up.

 Sometimes we go camping. And we have friends come for a campfire dinner. 

 Practicing for when we have our own goat. Oh, did I not tell you about that yet?

*I am not at all willing to rent her out.


  1. WHAT??!! I'm totally willing to pay good money for just a little time with your baby tiger. I am. I am! Car problems are totally dumb. I can vouch for that. And explain more on the goat and the homework. I'm in!

  2. Totally in for the three minutes of fiction. What's the topic this time? What are my words? Where's the link to the current challenge? What's my deadline? What's my motivation? (Kidding on that last one. It just seemed to add a lot to the question flow.)

  3. I totally agree completely that Aldi chocolate is the best chocolate. Probably because it all seems to come from Germany or Switzerland and yet costs the same (or perhaps less) than cheap American chocolate. It's amazing.

    I am glad you went to the doctor and got a new prescription.

    And I am sorry about the car. And I hope that you don't regret keeping it, ha. But cars truly are one of those things where it seems like you never can know. I'm glad they're paying for everything and giving you a loaner car.

    Thanks for all the pictures.

    I'll try not to be an elephant dan, too. I wouldn't want Hallie to catch me being like one of those . . .

  4. How did I know you wanted chocolate? Amy, you have always needed chocolate! I'll be seeing the baby tiger and her sisters soon! I may bring more chocolate for MY baby girl.
    I really really love you too!

  5. OK, I live right down the street from Aldi and have gone there multiple times and have never bought this chocolate that you speak of. I will definitely put it on my list for my next visit!

    Good luck with the Market-to-Market run... sounds like fun (and a lot of work). We are still trying to decided if we are brave enough to sign up for the Indy Mini Marathon.

    And camping? We never went camping together when we lived there... boo.

    And I totally can't wait for your future pet goat...hehehe