Wednesday, September 21, 2011


You know, friends aren't the only ones who can play that multiplication trick.  Families do it as well.

It is a simple formula really.   
You take this:

 and introduce them to this:

and almost five years later you can easily get this:
*Results are not guaranteed.
(From left to right: Emily, Hanna, Tabitha, Hallie, Daniel, Annibelle, Jill, Callie)

This time, I searched for about ten seconds to find old pictures. But don't worry, my sister didn't fail me. She sent me some pictures of the three of us in high school.  Thanks, Meems.

 Sometimes, late at night, when I don't think anyone will hear me, I cry for that hair.

I think Sarah looks exactly the same as she did ten years ago. (Pictures in reference to this post.)


  1. I NEVER cry late at night for that hair. Did you notice it was orange?! Hahahaha. Oh what was I doing??

    That reminds me. Did Devin notice that you "frosted" yours?

    And your long hair is beautiful.

    And haha your multiplication post was funny. If only we somehow had been standing/sitting in the same position as who we married. Does that make sense? Oh what a ride the past five years have been for our family!

  2. Poor Daniel - the only boy of the bunch

  3. That is one large group of children very close in age! And, quite a lot of pink!