Sunday, September 25, 2011

41 Hours To Go

There is a comfortable silence that sometimes falls between couples that have been together for a while.  In our home I am frequently recognized as being "the talker", but lately when we have lapsed into silence it is Devin that breaks it.

"Our lives are going to change forever on Tuesday."  He will suddenly say, his voice unable to conceal his excitement.  At first I thought this statement was overly dramatic, something more in line with what I might say than Devin.  Yet as I have heard him say it over the past few days as we get nearer and nearer to 10:15 on Tuesday I can't help but agree.

When we find out if we are having a boy or a girl so many of our thoughts will begin to revolve around that new knowledge.  If it is a girl, Devin worries about creating a "sorority" somewhere in the house for all the girl stuff, (his big plan is to have them all bunk in the basement once we get it finished.  Wouldn't they love that?!)  If it is a boy, then he has to worry about teaching him how to be a good man.

I think about things like: if it is a girl, then I don't have to worry about getting a lot of new things, we're pretty well set in that area. But if it is a boy then I get to go shopping! SHOPPING!

When we ask Hallie if she is getting a new brother or sister, without fail, every single time she tells us that it must be a brother because she already has a sister.

On my poll (you can still vote!) Devin voted that we were having a girl, because that is what he would like to have again (because by now he is familiar with their ways) but he actually thinks we are going to have a boy (scary new territory).

People keep asking me what I think we're going to have.  I think I have purposefully tried to avoid thinking about it, because I don't want to feel disappointment with whatever we find out.  Boy or girl, I will love this little baby.

I did however, vote girl on my poll - but I was just trying to even out the numbers.  You know me.


  1. So exciting! We are all waiting to find out as soon as you find out.

  2. It's a weird sort of dramatic tension, isn't it? I'm excited for you to find out.

  3. Exciting moment! We've probably told you "a hundred times", about your mother's preference when she was about 5 0r 6. She put her new brother Cameron, in her doll buggy, and went around the neighborhood trying to sell him. A neighbor from the other side of the block phoned, "Sister Homer, Don't you have a new baby?' "Yes, I do." "Do you know where your baby is ?" "Yes, he's in his crib, asleep." "Would you mind taking a look, and see if he is there?" "Yes, I'll go look. --- He's gone! How did you know?" "I have a little girl here with a baby to sell, she says she is tired of brothers, she wants a sister." If you want to be safe, you might want to put a chain on Hallie's doll buggy. Love, grandpa H.

  4. Ahem, I was actually 8 1/2 years old. I really really WANTED a sister. I had no use for another brother! I like him now so I'm glad we kept him.
    I hope you get some great ultrasound pictures!