Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What I Just Did

I just went on a Pioneer Reenactment Trek.  It was a youth conference for the youth in my church, ages 14 to 18 to have an opportunity to experience some of what it was like for the Pioneers who walked across the country from Illinois to Utah.  The plan for our trek was to go to Winter Quarters Temple, Visitor Center, and cemetery the first day, get our handcarts ready, camp, then begin pulling early the next morning.  The first day we were to walk 15 miles, and 10 the second.  That was the plan.  That's what I did last week.

I wanted to record some of the experiences while they are still fresh in my memory, and I kept thinking I would write it in my actual journal - but let's face it, now that I'm used to typing on a keyboard, writing things out by hand just feels tiring.  Call me lazy, but I walked 15 miles last week, so whatever.

I wasn't sure at first how to organize my thoughts and feelings about the trek, but after some consideration I have decided to write about it topically.  So I believe I will have a post for: animals, weather, food, pain, clothing, and maybe some others that I haven't thought of yet, but that's probably it. 

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