Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Time it took to figure out what everyone should wear, and getting that person into the appropriate outfit: 30 minutes
Time it took to get hair looking picture-ready: 10 minutes
Time it took to recharge the battery when we discovered it was dead: 2 hours
Time it took to get the camera set up. This involved a chair on the couch and some aluminum foil: 15 minutes
Time it took to abandon that plan and just put the camera on the table: 10 minutes
Time it took to actually get a Christmas picture worth keeping: 30 seconds
Total time it took for everything to be ready and actually happen: 2 days

 Unbelievable, no?

 Have I told you lately how much I love these faces?



    And I laughed at some of your times and what the times were for, like abandoning your plan of how to set your camera up.

    Wow, two hours. Did you wait the whole time for the camera to be fully charged? Couldn't you take some pictures with a partially charged camera?

    I had decided that I had given up on getting a cute picture of the family, but now I have decided to never give up and never surrender. It will happen!

    How did you get your lighting to look so good?

  2. Thanks for taking the days to share a wonderful photo of your family. We're grateful

  3. VICTORY! What a beautiful success. :)

  4. Awesome!!!!!! I'm horrible at getting fam. pictures done. lol Unless like someone else plans it and what we are going to wear :) I've been meaning to get ben and izzy's pictures taken for um..... like how old is Izzy now?? :D Miss you! HOpe you guys have a great holiday season!!

  5. Seriously - 30 seconds. That's amazing. I'm glad that it all worked out in the end. Great pictures.

  6. I like your new snowy background. And I think your title still fits really well with the gray and black. Do you want me to change the fonts or anything? Let me know.

    Love the picture!

  7. Are we getting a copy of this amazing picture? It is wonderful!

  8. Wow, 2 days! That's really good sometimes it takes me weeks, months to get a good family picture! Love them!

  9. Amy, REALLY, I would have been willing to come take the picture... and we could have used my camera since your batteries were dead. But oh, what a cute picture you ended up with!

  10. Great photos! love them. i got your christmas card. Loved it. my parents got theirs too. they loved it as well. i miss you guys. call me sometime!