Sunday, December 5, 2010

Thanksgiving is Long Gone.

Devin likes a mostly empty fridge.  He's a minimalist.  I suppose I have adopted some of that attitude, and I also feel a certain amount of pleasure in using up leftovers and seeing the shelf space open up.  Devin gets stressed when the fridge is full, because too many leftovers mean that that something might not get eaten, which means that something might get... thrown away. And that's wasteful.  My mom gets stressed out when she comes to visit wondering what she is going to eat.  A mostly empty fridge does take some getting used to, but once you become a believer there's no going back.

Thanksgiving was a while ago.  We all enjoyed delicious feasts of turkey and pumpkin pie, and in our household every scrap of leftover food was eaten.  Except for some pumpkin pie filling that had to be baked in a ramekin, some frosting, some Redi-whip, and some of my sweet potato topping.  These random items sat in the fridge, day by day, as Thanksgiving moved ever farther on our calendars and in our memories.

Today was fast Sunday. For various reasons it was my first time fasting in a year and seven months.  I was not used to going hungry, to say the least.  After church I told Devin that I had to bake something in the kitchen or I was going to go crazy and start gnawing on the kitchen chairs. 

It was a perfect storm.  There were random ingredients in the fridge that were crying out to be used somehow, and there was my need to be in the kitchen making food, the surest way of distracting yourself from how hungry you are.  So, in the bowl went some shortening.  Then some sugar. Then you know it - we tossed that pumpkin pie, the frosting, the sweet potato topping, added the Redi-whip for good measure, and let the mixer fly!  We added one egg, and off she went again, whirling and twirling.  We poured in a little vanilla extract, just because I love it so, and some baking soda.  Whirl! Twirl!  Stop!  We looked it over carefully, and added four dumps of flour.  Actually, Hallie helped with that part.  Then cautiously we stirred some more... it still looked wet and so Hallie dumped in two more small helpings of flour.  Mixing again, and it's time to preheat the oven!  375 degrees, and get that dough on the cookie sheet! Hallie helped with this too.

Bake, and just when I am at my breaking point and hungrily eying the kitchen chair it is time to eat!  Ah, delicious Thanksgiving Leftover cookies.  (I also had leftover turkey soup, and cornbread, Mom.)

Would you like the recipe?

Leftover Thanksgiving Cookies
pumpkin pie (without crust)
sweet potato topping
vanilla extract
baking soda
6 dumpings of flour

Oven: 375.  Bake eight to ten minutes.  Delicious!

Would you like pictures?

Farewell, Thanksgiving.



  1. Well look at you! Aren't you so domestic? :) Wow... that whole empty fridge thing WOULD take some getting used to lol.

  2. I would like pictures. I have the same theory about wasted leftovers, but my benchmark is the plastic containers, not the space in the fridge. When all (or most) of my plastic storage containers are being used, I start to panic, because I KNOW that means there are too many leftovers for us to eat before they go bad. That is when I start inviting friends over for lunch to eat my leftovers. Haha. I really do that.

    Those cookies sound tasty!

    Um, asterisks are supposed to go somewhere . . .

    And you are way more interesting than 15 things. Do I need to write your page for you?! Please do justice for yourself!! :)

  3. Always impressed with your family "recipes"....I hope your kiddos learn that art as well.

  4. Ha ha Meems, about the asteriks: I forgot to finish the thought with those, and I published it anyway. Then I woke up in a cold panic this morning!

  5. Amy, now you have me scared. I have only fasted one time since March of 2008. Even then I was a few days pregnant with Sarah, which I was sure about, but since there was no plus sign yet I thought I should while I still had the chance to avoid almost feeling guilty about not feeling guilty about not fasting. What I'm trying to ask is, does it becomes hard to fast after the pregnancy and breastfeeding break? That does not seem fair! I mean, I already joined the church and learned to fast once! Now I have to go through it again because I followed the plan? Which is why I had to learn in the first place, come to think of it......

  6. Personally, I like a fridge with a few leftovers to choose from. I like a variety of choices. A totally empty one means I have to start cooking again!