Wednesday, May 6, 2009

2 Minutes of Fame

Well folks, I've gotten my two minutes of fame. And now I know for SURE that I could never actually be Jessica Simpson, or Miley Cyrus. (Again, not that I want to be!) But it was excruciatingly painful to watch myself on the t.v. Luckily, Hallie was screaming in the kitchen because the clip came on while we were eating dinner (I had the volume turned up so we could hear it if it did) and Devin and I went rushing in to see the damage (that's what I was doing) and left her in her high chair. So she's screaming, and Devin has his face all up to the t.v. so he can try to hear over the screams and I'm just sitting there thinking, "I can't believe my forehead looks so shiny!" But, it was over in minutes, and they don't have video of it on their website, just a little summary of what the story was about. So, I'm sorry, I know you REALLY wanted to see it...

I also learned from this experience that I could never be on a reality t.v. show. It's amusing how my five minute clip they managed to squeeze all of the stuff from our thirty minute interview that I would have wished they DIDN'T use, and didn't use ANY of the stuff that I thought was interesting... You'll have that.

It was a fun experience though. :)

Devin pointed out that I keep forgetting to tell you what the story was about!! It was about the Mary Kay business opportunity, and how more women are turning to it for income than ever before, with all the lay-offs, either they have lost a job, or their spouse has, and they just need more money. 22% more women signed up as Independent Beauty Consultants last month than last April. So they wanted to talk to some women with that experience. Obviously that's not why I'm doing Mary Kay, but they found my phone number on my website and contacted me, and asked if I knew anyone. We couldn't get ahold of anyone, so she called back and asked if she could come over. I had about ten minutes of warning. It was a crazy day.


  1. Awesome. So you had a shiny forehead?!?!?

  2. I think that is so cool. And don't worry about your forehead. Everyone has shiny foreheads. :)

    That's too bad about the sound clips they used and didn't use. :(

  3. How crazy?! :-D That is really cool. :o) Well done (shiny forehead or no) they couldn't have had a better person to interview

  4. amy, i didnt like watching myself on tv either so dont feel bad :) im sure you were awesome, and i didnt kn owyou were doing mary kay.... that is good to know actually :) i love you!! xoxoxo