Wednesday, September 28, 2016

This is Home

Home has always been a bit of a tricky concept for me.  Where is it?  What does it feel like, to have a home that is a location and not a group of people?  When people make small talk and ask, "Where are you from?" I always stumble and struggle knowing how to answer.

We have lived here in Nebraska six and a half years now, easily the longest place I have stayed anywhere my whole life.  I actually just calculated it and until Nebraska, the average length of time I stayed anywhere was just over 2 years.

Nebraska is not a place I would have chosen for myself.  So far West, so far away from family, so far from trees.  There are so many places that pull on my heart, places that, were I on my own I might try to make home.  Upstate New York, Michigan, Indiana, even Brasil or the Netherlands.  I only lived in some of those places a short time, and some of them only when I was very young, but they claimed my heart and they will always own pieces of it.

(At the park just down the street from us.)

This is where my Mister is, and all my life I have associated the word "home" not with a location, but with the people I love.  I will follow him wherever he goes, wherever he hangs his hat will be my home.  The longer I live here, the more I think that the idea of staying here forever isn't too appalling.  Nebraska is not known for riveting beauty or stunning landscapes.  But sometimes I find myself thinking all the same - this is a beautiful place to call home.


  1. You just made me cry a little bit. I love Nebraska now, because it is your home and that makes it a little bit my home.

  2. I keep trying to figure out how to spend more time there!