Thursday, September 29, 2016

School Pictures!

School pictures are always so fun, and I have always been really happy with how they turn out.  That's a relief, I don't think I could be trusted to remember a second picture day if we ever need retakes.

My big third grade Hallie:

And my big first grade Hanna:


  1. Splendid pictures!!

    Do you remember the year I took retakes and borrowed your shirt without realizing it was the shirt you had worn in your actual picture, so that year we had matchy matchy school pictures? Ha.

    1. Ha!! I don't remember that but I can totally picture it. So funny!

  2. Imagining the morning discussion:
    "I want my hair braided, it's always so wild";
    "I need a head band, no wait; I want two head bands, one never works".