Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Spring Needs

This afternoon while the cookie dough rested in the fridge before we carefully spooned it in to our mouths, and eventually some small piles onto a cookie sheet, Hallie and I wrote poems about spring. Quite honestly, I wish I could claim hers as mine.  

Here is Hallie's:

Spring, spring,
Beautiful spring
Trees and flowers in bloom
It's so nice to see 
The whole world
Coming back to life
In spring

Here is mine:

Spring needs green 
Like I need chocolate
And she needs music
And he needs broken down cars
To tinker with
In all his
Unsold hours

And spring needs green
Like the birds need a nest
And bunnies need a burrow
And bees need a hive
To hide all
Their honey treasure

And spring needs green
Like the sky needs blue
And your eyes need brown
And my favorite sweater needs grey
With a spot
Of mustard on
The sleeve

Spring needs green
Like I need tulips
And bird song
And warm winds
And little buds holding
An infinite promise
Of spring

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