Friday, March 20, 2015

She Calls Me Mother

Heather has taken to calling me mother, lately.  I like it.

We drove down to Texas to visit my Grandmother who will celebrate her 95th birthday soon, and to see some other family and friends.  We stayed at my Aunt Cathy and Uncle Larry's house, even though they were in Tennessee visiting Uncle Geoff at his place there.  I did get to see my cousin Brian who popped in at the tail end of our visit, so that was nice.

I never did make a phone call to Heidi, one of those things that I was perpetually going to do in five minutes as soon as this shoe was tied or that doll was found or that sandwich was made or this nose was wiped or what is it that eats up my five minutes I don't know but then suddenly they were gone and I never called her to see if we could get together and I'm really sorry about that, Heidi.  It isn't even my kids' fault with all their demands, it's mine because I can't keep track of what I am doing past all the distractions.

We also got to visit with my girl Al and hang out with her, and we got to visit Kristy and Chris and meet their hilarious little girls.  I hope to have pictures of those trips, someday. Maybe soon?

I also began working on the movie for Sarah J's birthday that I mentioned, so that is really something to look forward to.

Every day I sit down with Hazel and I look deep into her eyes and I say clearly enunciating the word, "Ma-ma". And she stares at me and she smiles and she drools and then she stands up and walks off to go see what sisters are doing and so even though I am pretty sure she says "dada" and even a mashed up version of "sisters" - sounds kind of like "de-s-ders!" She has yet to say "mama."

I'm resigned to it. By the time she starts really talking she will probably just call me "mother" anyway.

Good thing I'm used to it, yeah?

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