Friday, February 20, 2015

Finally Three!

The basement guys showed up bright and early yesterday morning to begin working.  They worked all day, leaving at 5:30 and then were back at it again this morning.  They hope to be done before too long and then I can have my house back! (although, break to just write a huge check and say goodbye to my new friends the Basement Guys and they tell me I can't put anything in my basement for three days. Awesome.)

Yesterday just as they were getting started, the crew leader, Mike, mentioned that I would have to turn my heat off, because the dust from all the concrete they would be breaking up would filter through the whole house otherwise.  And so with below freezing temperatures outside, I turned off my heat inside and we all huddled in my bedroom with a space heater on all day.  As I sat there in my bedroom for hours with my three little girls, I thought I could probably complain about this. Or I could be grateful that my bedroom is the size of the houses people lived in a couple hundred years ago, when things like furnaces and solid walls and running water were unheard of dreams.  I chose gratitude.

At one point I was in my bathroom cleaning out my closet and the cupboards under the sink and you know you start to get a little stir crazy after so many hours in your bedroom with the littles.  So you do what you do.  You find all your lipstick and you start trying them on, putting them on Hallie and Hanna too because you can only wipe off your own lips so many times.  There I was, trying on something called "Fancy Raisin" or some such and Hanna comes into the bathroom.  "You need to go downstairs to talk to the basement guy, mom."

"No I don't, Hanna. We're not going to bother them."

"Ok, mom.  But I think you need to go talk to him."

Of course I didn't go talk to him, I was trying to decide if I should try out that lip liner* that I've never used or not.  Oh the depths of boredom.

Then I hear Heather out in the hall, "My mom is in her room,"  and suddenly I realized that Hanna wasn't telling me to go downstairs to talk to him, but that he was downstairs asking to talk to me.  Awesome.

I go out of my room to the top of the stairs and yep, there he is, and I wonder how long ago was it that Hanna came to get me and I didn't understand her? How long has he been standing there trying to get one of my kids to come get me?

I tried to explain the confusion, and he laughed and said, "That's ok.  They told me that you couldn't come because you were getting pretty."

And that's when I thought maybe I would die.  I don't get embarrassed often, but put me and makeup and a guy roughly my age who is not Devin all together with the word "pretty" and that will do it.  That will definitely do it.  Thankfully I just barely stopped myself from explaining that I wasn't getting pretty for him, of course.  It's just that it was four in the afternoon and what else was there to do?

But all that going on couldn't stop Heather from having a birthday, and somewhere in the midst of it all she turned three.

My favorite moment yesterday was when Heather remembered it was her birthday she walked around the house, singing/saying "Happy Birthday dear me."  I just, I like that attitude.

*What's the story with lip liner anyway?  I just don't get that stuff. 

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