Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Right now I'm thinking about family.  My mom just left, she was here for a week as a stop on her trip from Michigan to California, where she will visit my brother.  While she was here I took the opportunity, as I do, to take the pictures of her phone and put them on my computer.  As I scroll through all the pictures of my beautiful, wonderful, crazy awesome family, I feel really happy that they are mine, lucky that I get to be a part of this group.

For instance, in this little clip, a nearby resort was having a bonfire, and smores, and a magic show, and a dance party.  And no, no one else was dancing, until we got the party started.

We were in Michigan for a wedding/family reunion/ camping trip.

 Michelle, Clay, Amber, Me, Susi

 Great Aunt Cathy and Hanna

 Great Aunt Phyllis and Hazel

 Great Uncle Larry and Daniel
 Allison and Jamison (I took a shot, was I right?)

 Great Uncle Geoff and Jill


 Grandpa and Uncle Dan, with Daniel, Hallie, Emily, and Jill

 GG and Alice, Hanna, Hazel, Hallie, Heather, and Jill

Golly gee gosh I love those faces.

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