Monday, December 15, 2014

15 Years Ago

New Years Resolutions are fun, aren't they?

Recently, my mom and dad found stashed away my New Year's Resolutions from 2000, along with those of my sister and one of our best friends, Sarah.

Oh! The memories come crashing back when you find something like that.  I begged my mom to mail them to me, and she did.

OH!! The memories! We wrote them all in shiny gel pens.  Shiny! Gel! Pens! I don't even understand what the purpose of those is.  I can't decide whose resolutions to share first! They are so so so so classic.  Now, for reference, we were all at this time 14 years old, give or take a year or two.

A note before you read them: they are all strangely cryptic at times. It makes me laugh so hard.

I'll throw my girl Sarah under the bus first:

1. (obvious)
2. Blossom to a wonderful flower
3. Stop making corny jokes
4. Find at least one special someone... ha ha
5. Be nice and try to include everyone!
6. Have Ashley and I work out when she moves in
7. Improve my vocabulary

Next my baby sister:

1. (all caps, underlined twice in the original) DON'T GIVE IN AND GET A BOYFRIEND!!! DO NOT!!
2. Keep friends with everyone I am friends with and try to make new ones.
3. Survive first semester of high school and seminary
4. Try and be more cheerful and friendly
5. Never give up...
6. Don't slap you know who I'm talking about
7. Get involved and spread myself thinner.
8. Get along w/ ... you know who.
9. Keep singing.
10. Remember not as m p luv u as u think they do

And, last but not least, my New Years Resolutions for the millenial year of 2000, the year of Y2K-

1. don't
2. make some new friends
3. quit speech class
4. keep in touch with old friends
5. don't

Ah, gets you thinking about what to resolve for next year, huh? It's just around the corner!  Go on, go out and buy yourself some nice paper and some shiny gel pens, and get ready for a new you!


  1. Oh, shiny gel pens. I have so many journal entries I can barely read because of those darn pens that I loved. I should buy some for Jill to draw with.

    So by "fourteen, give or take two years," haha, you mean Sarah and I were fourteen and you were sixteen? :)

    We should write resolutions together this Christmas!!

  2. That was hilarious. Do you still know what the don'ts were? And the real question--did you? :)