Sunday, November 23, 2014

My Currency Is/ Mother Is

My currency is
your hugs and kisses
and so
I am
wealthy beyond measure.

My power and influence
is your
first word
first step
first "watch me, mom!"
and so I am
queen of my domain.

My peace in times of trouble
is your body snuggled in
warm blankets
as you snore
and so I
sleep too.

My fashion
is a burp cloth
on one shoulder
and spit up
on the other
but your
toothless grin
opens any door
I care to enter.

Mother is the one who
holds you
while you
cry and throw up and
cry and throw up again
puts you in the bath
and washes it all away
puts you in new jammies
and nestles you in her bed
pulls your little body in close
your head resting on the pillow
just below hers
and mother is
the one who
though the smell


  1. Love it. I've actually been thinking something similar. I think I will link to your poem when I get around to posting mine. I love your poems. Thank you for sharing it. You express so beautifully how I feel every day.

  2. Amy, I love your writing. And I really love your first poem.