Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Hallie's Cookbook

This photo was taken by Lex Logan Photography
When Hallie was just a month or two into kindergarten, she boldly declared that she wanted to be an illustrator when she grew up, and then she proceeded to spend all of her spare time writing stories and drawing the pictures for them.  In the fall sometime she decided that she had to have a cookbook to go in her "kitchen" so she sat down and wrote a cookbook.  It has 12 recipes in it, and they are actually astonishingly close - I think in some cases you really could follow it to make the food it describes.  I think my favorite thing about the cookbook though, is that she wrote it early enough in kindergarten that her spelling was still pretty kooky - and yet she stuck with it, writing, spelling, doing her best through 12 whole recipes.

Pumpkin Pie (Pupkin Pie)
Lasagna (pzoyn)
Cookies (cookes)
Fruit Salad (froot salldid)
Pasta Salad (psn sld)
Pizza (pesa)
Pasta Plain (postu plan)
Bread (bed)
Chicken Soup (chik soop)
Chocolate Peanuts (coklit penns)
Chocolate Cupcakes (coklit kupkaks)
Chocolate Cake (coklik cak)

I am really, really proud of this little girl!

This photo was taken by Everyday Adventures Photography

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