Friday, January 24, 2014


Hallie got a camera for Christmas.  She's really, really into taking pictures.  Of everything.  I'll probably share some of her classic shots in another post, someday.

Today we're talking about "selfies".  I tried to take a "selfie" once, as a joke for my sister.  It was a terrible disaster, and no one will ever see it. I wish I could un-see it.  Do I have to use "quotation marks" when I use the word "selfie"? It just seems like such a trendy word that I, being me, don't have the "right" to use.  Because I am "totes" not trendy.

Ha ha ha ha ha.

Anyway, Hallie has no idea what a "selfie" is, but it seems to me that she is well on her way to mastering the concept.

And yes, that is probably the best picture I have of her haircut.
I'm still kind of having a hard time with the whole thing.
I know, I know.

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  1. Hallie is well on her way to being totes trendy. Lol. I like the haircut a lot actually. But I respect the fact that you are having a hard time with it. It's cool. It happens.
    In other news do you remember when you and I were trying to take "hot" pics of ourselves and it just wasn't working. Haha. It was in college when you lived at the TH. I think that is where that dreaded pic of you and me came from that was the profile pic for our "friendship" on fb. Do you know what I am talking about?! Haha. This was before selfies were called "selfies."
    Oh, and no, you don't have to use quotes for the word selfie. At least not in my opinion.